Adriatic Pearl Dubrovnik - Dance for the Thrones
Dubrovnik, Croatia September 18-22 2019


Dear Friends

It is with great excitement that we are planning the 2019 ADRIATIC PEARL– Dubrovnik.


We have begun our pre-production work and look forward to sharing all of the information in the upcoming weeks.

It was truly an honor and privilege to be involved in the 2018 event with such positive energy, and in the heart of our home, full of mediterranean spirit, history and the most beautiful city in the world – Dubrovnik.

Our wonderful world of Ballroom Dance has given us so much, and we see organizing I. ADRIATIC PEARL as a way of giving back. We are going to use this opportunity not just to grow this event from year to year but to continue to develop and promote our whole industry to which we have dedicated our lives.

In 2017 and 2018 we hosted participants from all over the World, more then 42 countries attended in the beautiful venues of Dubrovnik.


President of National Dance Council of Croatia.




MSc. Marko Ciboci


National Dance Council of Croatia

National Dance Council of Croatia

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